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A (mostly) non-sexual group for all the plump My Little Pony art & stories of ANY type!
Fans of any way of ponies getting plump are welcome!


No direct Vore... explicit/direct : violence/permanent death/''gore''.
Keep posts (and submissions) on topic.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 12, 2011


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Fan Club

576 Members
1,022 Watchers
341,004 Pageviews
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*EDIT 1 : Because I keep explaining again and again and again, to help people submit to the proper place(s), and because I'm a 'little' bit tired of repeating stuff... Before randomly submitting something, please, look at the new folders' description(s)/this journal for future submissions.*

*(IMPORTANT) EDIT 2 : I apparently must remember (some) people that submissions, made to this club's folders, MUST respect the minimal criteria set for this club AND the individual folders in which pictures are submitted to... and that the repeated submission of pictures that can't be accepted, by someone, despite numerous very clear explanations and warnings(of various levels, in a civilized manner) may result in a *BAN* from this club.

Please, just be reasonably careful of what you submit (we are not 'that' picky, but still... there are limits) and respect the decision of the admin/mods, ok ? It's not asking for much here.


A brand new folder has appeared and is ready to receive pictures of a ''beginner'' level (*no stick figures*).
Every folders has been checked for pictures fitting into this new folder (some may or may not have been missed).
Some minimal cleaning also has been done.

A list of all the folders, with their description, lies below.


»Beginner plump art
-A place to submit plump art/pictures of all sorts that are (visually clearly) of a ''beginner'' level (of quality). *No stick figures*
-Black&White pictures/sketches don't go there.
-If you make TONS and tons of ''beginner'' pictures, please try to only submit those you prefer or feel like are your best. Just so this folder doesn't fill up 'too quickly'.

»Colorless and Lines (Old: Black and White)
-Folder dedicated to 'plump' black&white (aka: colorless) pictures, sketches and scraps.
-A sketch made of lines, even if the lines are of a (single) different color, still go here.
-Pictures *colored* in tones of grey (all fancy like) don't go here.
-Note : ''Colored paper'' doesn't count has actual ''coloring''... Black and ''white''-lines 'pictures' still go there.

»Generally Plump
-For ponies who aren't *specified* to be pregnant, full of food, or inflated !
-And, for generally fat/plump looking (to a minimum) ponies.

»Inflated Ponies
-Ponies being inflated by water, air or any other method you can think of !

»Plump Comics
-For all the multi-parts comics and 1-page comics with multiple panels.
-Colored or finished black&white, but NO WIP/sketch.

»Plushies, plump crafts and toys
-Here's a plushies folder ! Plump crafts and toys also go there.
-If it was *made*, or drawn on a support other than a ''sheet of paper'' ; this likely goes here.

»Ponies Being Fed
-For ponies being fed food (by ponies, machines, etc...) !

»Ponies Eating
-Ponies eating food or being ready to eat !
-Note: 'Looking hungry' isn't the same as actually eating food...

»Ponies Stuffed
-Ponies who generally look really full : stuffed.
-The result of having (recently) eaten a lot. Usually, with signs of content from the pony(ies), and usually remains of what what 'stuffed' them (food, crumbs, etc...).

»Pregnant Ponies
-Ponies who visibly are pregnant !

*This is NOT a folder (just) for stories. I repeat, not DIRECTLY for stories !*

-ONLY submit something that CLEARLY, DIRECTLY, and OBVIOUSLY is for a contest, promote an on-going contest or to start of a contest.
Write it in the thing's description or whatever, but ANNOUNCE it in some ways.

-Created to help promote contest(s) that will ultimately provide more and newer content for this club. :3
-Pictures/stories/journals suggesting or initiating a Contest about Plump ponies/inflation/stuffing/etc (related to this club) are expected and welcome here.
-*PLEASE*, if you submit a picture/story FOR a contest into this folder, at least write in your picture/story's description for which contest you're submitting it/is related to it.


Also, a reminder, PLEASE !... make sure you remember to -only- submit pictures/flash/stories that are related to the ''main interest(s)'' of this club, *No exception*, AND to be sure of the folder you are submitting your picture to before doing it.

No ''average/normal sized'' ponies. (The ponies must have some *more* ''roundness'' than the normal/average pony to count as ''plump''.)
No direct Vore... explicit/direct : violence/permanent death/''gore''.

''Technically'', *temporary* popping (as part as some kind of inflation) can be accepted as long as the subject revert back to normal(or close to) IN the same picture (or the following one, in some cases).
Same for 'soft vore', though this one is a bit more limited as the eaten (*whole*) subject must not be *visible*(in an obvious manner), and that 'death/pain/permanency/etc' must NOT be implied.
EDIT 2 :
A new folder has appeared, and its name is : Plump Comics !
In there, you will find all the multi-parts comics and 1-page comics with multiple panels. Colored or finished black&white, but NO WIP/sketch.
(I will inspect the various folder, to replace the comics that qualify here, in due time. Meanwhile, submit things and Enjoy !)

N.B. : This is *NOT* the 'Beginner plump art'. Submit things accordingly, please.


This Journal is made with the specific goal to ''gauge'' the interests of members, and people in general, about the possibility to create a *Folder dedicated to comics*.

Would you all be interested enough in such a folder ? One where you could find inside comics only ? (Currently, the few comics are simply being submitted to the other folders)

If yes, you just need to speak up.
And, while we are at it... Personally, I would suggest that the folder be restricted to *Multi-parts comics* specifically, but tell me if you would prefer to have it also include ''1-part comics''.

The folder would be simply named ''Plump comics'', or ''Multi-part comics'' possibly, unless someone has a better name to properly represent that folder.

(EDIT : I really don't think there will be a 'Story folder', as stories are already simply submitted to the other folders, but I might as well ask for your opinion on this, anyway.)
More Journal Entries



Gallery Folders

Ponies Eating










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I have suspicions that your comment's intent isn't related to what can be submitted to this club, but more toward inciting hate and aggressive responses.

Please, clarify your... comment... Otherwise, it will dealt with, like any other trolling comment out there.
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You choose to see the good, or to only see and do bad.
Choose what you want, and leave to others the right to also choose for themselves.
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In Canterlot Boutique (S5 E14), there's a fat cyan Unicorn with green hair. ;)
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Looking for a RP. Nothing explicit. Anthros and EG only please. If you want to rp, please talk to me about it on my profile. Thank you. 
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Oops I miss clicked one of the requests. go ahead with ask for the last pic of Zecora's booty potion pic again. 
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I'll do it if we wanna go more than chubby c:
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